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Weight Loss Program Review – How To Find The Best One

What do most people do when they want to drop off? Exactly, running! We have all seen so many photographs of slender runners that our brains have created an almost unbreakable relationship. From running you become apparently slim. The problem is that that connection is not so clear in real life!

The effectiveness of losing weight with running is still pretty much up for discussion. So before you spend hours on a work-out that does not turn out to be useful afterwards, it is wise to first consider the advantages and disadvantages. In the blog of today, we put these together in an orderly manner.

What is endurance sport with military diet workout?

Running falls in the category of endurance sports, also called steady state cardio. As the name says, all these sports have one thing in common: you always go through it for a long time. Running is a good example, but cycling or swimming can also be an endurance sport. This usually happens at medium intensity.

A good guideline for endurance sport is a heart rate between 50 and 70% of the maximum. The reason is that you can keep the training at that intensity long enough. There is the idea that this is a kind of ” fat burning zone “, but that is unfortunately a myth, as we explain here .

Benefits of weight loss workout programme

Of course there is a reason that many people opt for endurance sports when they want to drop out. After all, you are moving for a longer time and therefore burn calories . What exactly are the benefits of losing weight with running?

1. 3 weeks workout plan is suitable for beginners

One of the pleasant aspects of running is that almost everyone can do it. You need little technique or tools for it. Of course, a good pair of running shoes is advisable, if only to protect your knees. You can also run out the door without further preparation.

That accessible side is perhaps the biggest advantage of running. After all, the best training program is a program that you actually carry out. Rather that you run regularly than you make biggest plans for the gym and then never perform.

2. Intense workout plan to lose weight

Cardio training in general has a few great benefits for your health. One of them is the improved condition of your heart and blood vessels. These kinds of endurance sports are enormously dependent on the supply of oxygen. When you run more often, your heart and blood vessels will therefore carry oxygen more efficiently.

A good amount of cardio is also good for your general condition. Are you already out of breath when you’ve walked a few stairs? By running fast, you train your body to sustain sustained efforts.

3. Less stress

Most people live busy lives in which there is little time for relaxation. This can have adverse consequences in many ways. This way, stress causes you to sleep worse and so you generally feel more tired. Stress also affects the hormones that your body produces. This means that your weight and, for example, the health of your heart can also be at risk.

Running is a good way to escape all the hustle and bustle. The movement takes you out of the ‘grinding mill’ that causes most of the stress. The same applies to virtually all other endurance sports.

Disadvantages of weight loss workout Programme

Losing weight with running has its good points, but of course it does not stay there. If that were all, there would be little reason to write this article. Unfortunately running to lose weight also has its weaknesses, which we mention more extensively below.

1. Costs a lot of time

One of the fantastic features of the human body is that it can adapt to the craziest efforts. If you want to fall off, that can also be a disadvantage. If you do a lot of cardio, your body will eventually adjust to that load. In other words: what was first a huge effort is getting easier.

Ultimately, the training costs you a lot of time. Time that you can probably use better! Another disadvantage of cardio is that it does not cause an afterburn effect. You burn only the calories that you use during training, and no extra calories afterwards.

2. Little muscle building

When you run, you build up condition, but no muscles . After all, endurance training is not about explosive power, so your body sees no reason to train it. In fact, if you are unlucky, cardio does even the opposite. If you use a lot of energy with running, there is a chance that your body will break down muscle tissue.

And that is a shame, because the build-up of muscles can help you to lose weight. There are few ways as effective as strength training to speed up your metabolism ! The lack of muscle building during exercise is perhaps the most important reason that losing weight with running is not particularly effective.

3. Injury sensitive

Finally, running is one of those repetitive movements that can quickly lead to wear and tear or injuries . One of the additional problems is that running is known as a sport that requires no technique.

It is true that everyone can run – but a decent shape helps you to keep knees and other joints healthy. It is therefore wise not to work too much with one movement. Make sure you alternate with other work-outs, so that you also use other joints.

Combine 3 week diet and workout plan

Lose weight with running is of course always possible, but it is simply not as effective as is often thought. If you do it too much, it can even become unhealthy. This of course does not mean that running and cardio can not have a place in your training program at all.

The best thing is to use strength sports as a basis to build up more muscle and burn fat . Cardio is rather an extra, with which you can burn some more leftovers of fat. Do not make it too crazy; you do not want to get in the way of building your muscles! Checkout the review of 3 Week Diet Program for more information.


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