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The Venus Factor Review – Uncovered For You

There is no doubt that women’s body is different from men. Therefore it is the big reason that most diet systems that work tremendously for men fail to work for women. It is essential for women to find out a particular fitness program that can eventually work for their bodies. There is a program, The Venus Factor, that is claims to be especially for weight loss in women. In this Venus Factor Review, I am going to explore it widely.

Venus Factor diet plan and workouts have become a top-rated fitness program for women in the past few years. Therefore it is essential to know why I am saying to don’t buy it before you read this The Venus Factor review. As you know that if you visit the official website, they only going praise their product and are not going to tell it’s drawbacks. Even some affiliate sites that present their Venus Factor Review also claim it to be an excellent fitness program to earn their commissions. But here I will give you a thoughtful review on Venus Factor along with answers to all your queries. So let’s get started.

The Venus Factor Review – What is It?

The Venus Factor diet plan is especially for women. It works with a core strategy of controlling Leptin levels in the body. The leptins are the hormones that are responsible for slowing down the metabolic process. To lose weight and burn fat it is important that your metabolic process works properly and the Venus Factor meal plan helps you to improve it. The complete package consists of The Venus Factor eBook, workout videos, 12-week fat loss system, instant access to a virtual nutritionist and an app to keep track of your food intake. Along with all these, you also get access to the online community that includes blogs and forums.

Who Is The Creator?

The creator of Venus Factor is a renowned author of various diet and fitness programs, John Barban. He is one of the best selling international author in the category of health and fitness. John got his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph, Ontario Canada. Later is worked as a Varsity Strength and Conditioning Coach for the same university.

In his passion for learning more, he earned a bachelors degree from the University of Florida in Exercise Physiology. Later he worked with the same university as Professor and researcher of Exercise physiology.  John also earned training certificates in NSCA, ACE, and CSCS. Barban spent his eight years with various weight loss supplement brands as a researcher. Some of the well-known brands he worked with are ADS, MusdeTech, BlueStar Nutraceuticals, SlimQuick, and NXLabs.

Does The Venus Factor Really Work?

Talking about does Venus Factor work for weight loss in women, it concentrates on Metabolic Override. Metabolic Override is a unique combination of strategies for diet and exercise that is especially for women to ignite their metabolism and lead to a healthy weight loss while living their specific lifestyle, demand, and preferences.

The diet and exercise strategies of The Venus Factor are customized for woman individually. It focuses on the current measurement, exercise capability and food preferences of an individual woman that helps to maximize the results and outcomes. Venus Factor also includes custom workout videos, meal plans and nutritional software that work on distinct four phases of healthy weight loss in women.

For Whom The Venus Factor Is Intended?

The Venus Factor is especially a weight loss and easy diet plan for women of all age groups who have prepared themselves to follow healthy lifestyle and step by step exercise and diet program to eliminate body fat and promote healthy weight loss without the support of any supplement or powder. This program is proved to be a holy reward for those women who don’t want to spend hours in the gym or sacrifice their favorite food for getting in shape.

What Is Inside The Program?

The Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide

This part of the system focuses on a healthy diet schedule to lose weight. It lists all the foods that increase the Leptin in the body that is responsible for reducing metabolism. These are soy, low fiber, snacks and many more. Along with this you also get to know which foods are best for boosting your metabolic process and the right combination of foods.

Following these do’s and don’t food list will inevitably lead you to a toned and healthy female body. This part of the system is a detailed diet plan that helps you maintain your long-term goal to avoid becoming overweight again.

The 12 Weeks Workout Plan

This part of the program is 12 weeks complete weight loss workout planner that can be performed either at the gym or at home, whichever is convenient for you. It comprises of step by step workout schedule that is easy to follow and equally useful for your weight loss goal. This workout plan ensures you that you get an hourglass toned body that most women desire. The workouts are in videos performed by professional trainers, so it gets convenient and easy to watch and replicate.

The Venus Virtual Nutritionist Software App

This Venus Factor section saves your dollars that you are spending on personal trainers along with various other automated processes. With the help of this virtual nutritionist app, you will be able to count your calories and compare it with the ideal calorie counts. It gives you full statistics for your calories and gets to know how much you burned throughout the period and what efforts you require to reach your ideal weight loss goal.

The Venus Index Podcast

It is podcast offered to you by Venus Factor that helps you motivated to achieve your goal. With the help of this instructional tool, you get in touch with other women who are struggling with the same condition and fighting obesity with the help of Venus Factor System. This makes you get mentally connected with such women and share their experience with you to make you motivated.

The Venus Community

Along with Venus Factor podcast, you also get instant access to Venus Community that also helps you get connected with other women suffering from similar conditions. Forums will get you access to the female weight loss community share your experience and solve out any queries regarding your weight loss goal. You also get access to Venus Blog where you get lots of articles on various weight loss factors.

What To Expect From The Venus Factor System?

Well, it is tough to answer this question, or I can say there is no specific answer to this question. This is because we all are different from each other and our morphological structure and bodies are not always the same. Therefore it is apparent that it can work tremendously for some women while a couple of women might not get desired results. Although as per reviews and stats available online clearly speak out that you can expect about 30-50 pounds of weight shed within 2-3 months. But the resulted stats might differ because it depends on your effort. The more you are focused, the maximum results you can expect.

Venus Factor Pros

  • Especially designed and focused on women
  • Guaranteed weight loss diet plan for women
  • You don’t require any equipment to workout
  • Doesn’t require any changes in your diet
  • Price is $47 that is quite affordable
  • Focuses on leptin resistance, hormones, and weight loss
  • It helps to boost your metabolic process
  • Includes community of thousands of enthusiastic
  • Online community gives you a platform for advice, suggestion, and motivation
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Fast product delivery
  • Workouts are in video and pictures that are easy to follow and replicate
  • Delivers fast results than other programs and supplements
  • Works for women of all age group

Venus Factor Cons

  • Initially, you will require living on a low-calorie diet for five days
  • It is not for males
  • Users receive lots of promotional emails that might get irritating
  • 100% dedication and focus is required
  • The product is all digital and doesn’t receive any hardcopy

Common FAQs for Venus Factor

Venus Factors FAQ

Q: What all I get in The Venus Factor?

A: You will receive an eBook, 12 weeks workout plan, virtual nutritionist, access to online forum and blog, dieting planner and Venus Podcast.

Q: Does The Venus Factor Work?

A: The Venus Factor real reviews and customer testimonials prove that John Barban’s weight loss program has delivered positive results to them and helped them shed pounds to achieve their weight loss goal.

Q: Is it effective in weight loss?

A: The Venus Factor program helps in controlling leptin in your body that reduces your metabolic process. With controlled leptin level your metabolism with an increase to burn body fat.

Q: What assures me that The Venus Factor will work for me?

A: How to choose the right product is the #1 question asked by the visitors. No matter whichever product you are going to buy, it is wise to research it before doing so. Check The Venus Factor real reviews, customer testimonials and feedbacks, check forums to find out what others have to say about it. This will assure you that you are buying the best product.

Q: What is the cost for The Venus Factor?

A: You will require paying $37 to buy this program.

Q: How to follow The Venus Factor Program?

A: The program comes with full guidance and support for all the sections. You are recommended to follow the instructions to get the desired results.

Q: Does this diet plan work for obesity in diabetes?

A: Of course, this diet plan is designed by a trained professional that also works a diabetes dieting for women.

Q: How much pounds will I lose with The Venus Factor?

A: There are various claims made; some say you will shed 50 pounds while others say you will not lose anything. But the average stats say that you will succeed to lose about 25 pounds.

Q: How long will it take to complete the course?

A: The program is to get you in shape in 12 weeks, but the system also offers you a continuation program to maintain your weight and avoid gaining weight again.

Q: Are there any Venus Factor negative reviews?

A: Well, it’s obvious to find negative reviews for any product because no product can satisfy every user. But this is not going to effects it’s popularity because the ratio of positive review with the negative review is about 2:8.

Q: Are the testimonials and before after pictures real?

A: Though a couple of testimonials might be fake but the majority of them are real. Before and after pictures cannot be false because you can notice the transformation with your own eyes. Although, you cannot be sure with the time taken for that transformation.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the results?

A: Author guarantees its customers with 60 days money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the program or with the results as promised. The refund system is straightforward and fast as you get your full payment back within 48 hours without any questions asked.

Where To Buy Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is only available for sale on its official website, and you cannot find it any other online store or portal. To get the genuine John Barban’s Venus Factor along with all the features and facilities, you are suggested to buy it only from the Official website. Below I have given the link to Official Venus Factor website.

My Final Verdict On The Venus Factor Review

By now you might have got answers to all your queries through my The Venus Factor Review. I have tried to cover all the factors in this Venus Factor Review. If you ask me about my opinion on this weight loss system, I will say that while doing research on this product and writing on it, I found that it is an amazing and useful weight loss product for women. Thanks to John Barban, who prepared this program keeping women in mind. With my final words that you should try it, I will end my The Venus Factor Review. If you want more information on solutions for weight loss, visit our homepage.

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