A warm welcome to my site “WEIGHTYZ” .The battle against weight is usually a life long one, but the fact is it need not be one.

The right advice initially, a healthy Dietary habit, daily active lifestyles are the basics on which a fit body exists.

However along with basic fundamentals of Healthy living, new researches bring out some fast, brilliant ways of diet, exercise and herbal supplements etc which can help one succeeed in their weight loss journey much more conveniently and easily.

This site calls upon the collective experience of people who were once “Weightyz” and led a successful fight against there bulge, be it through a lifestyle change, dieteray habits, active routine or herbal supplements that helped them win their battles.

The site shares reviews on Ebooks and programs focussed on successful diet and exercise regimes, as well as a few herbal supplements that help in various aspects like curbing hunger, increasing metabolism or burning fat.

However please keep in mind that the site has reviews and if you buy through our links we  receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. All reviews are honest and true to the best of our knowledge. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Having said that, lets begin our journey through helping each other. From One “Weighty” to another – May our advice carry weight & not our body.


Contact me directly for any advice or help mary.smith@weightyz.com

Mary Smith is a professional dietitian, fitness enthusiast and Herbalist, Who was herself once a “Weighty”. Having fought her Weight issues successfully, she is now focused on helping people in their weight loss journey through her vital advice’s for the last 6 years.


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