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What Is The Best Weight Loss Program For Weight Loss In 2 Week

There are countless ways to lose weight. One of the most effective and healthy ways is losing weight with a sports diet . In other words, besides a modified diet go even more exercise to burn calories. Although a sport diet has many advantages, you have to deal with it well. By extra sports, you empty an extra load on your body. Then it is therefore all the more important that you get enough nutrients and building materials! We tell you more about how you approach that.

Rapid weight loss plan with a sports diet

If you want to fall off, you need a calorie deficit. Despite all the extensive theories and methods, it is all about what it is all about. Only after a calorie deficit do you force your body to create extra energy by addressing fat reserves. Exactly what you want, so.

You can build up that caloric deficit in two ways: by getting more or burning more. You can naturally consume less via your diet. Burning more energy is possible by adopting a more active lifestyle. With a sports diet you combine these two factors to lose weight effectively.

The pitfall of a sport diet nutrition and weight loss

That makes losing weight with a sport diet one of the best ways to lose weight. With one factor, however, you have to take into account: it is not wise to want too fast. Sports with a too large caloric deficit is actually quite unhealthy.

If you exercise, that puts a load on your body. After every workout you have to recover from the effort, for example because small cracks in your muscles have to be repaired. To be able to handle that properly, you really need enough nutrients. Otherwise restore your chronically insufficient and you run the risk of overtraining .

If you are going to lose weight faster and also eat very little, then you increase the chance of that problem. It is therefore important not to make a sports diet a kind of crash diet . If you become exhausted or injured, your results do not improve …

A modest calorie shortage!

The solution: keep the calorie shortage modest. This way you make sure you fall, but without too much food. A good guideline is to have a maximum of 10-20% of your daily calorie consumption. In practice, that amounts to a shortage of 300-500 kcal per day.

And indeed, the weight loss is not very fast. You lose about half a kilo per week. But really, you prefer to lose ten kilos slowly, then quickly ten kilos that are back a month later! Moreover, faster weight loss also consists of large parts of fluid and muscle loss. Your figure and your health do not improve much on that.

Tips for 3 week weight loss with sports diet

How do you put together a good sports diet? In this previous blog you can read everything about calculating your daily calorie requirement. We have also written about nutrition for athletes before.

The tips below are specific about healthy weight loss with a sports diet . In other words: how do you ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients, even if you reduce your caloric intake?

1. Healthy nutrition and weight loss

If you want to get nutrients in, you have to eat healthy food. Does that sound too easy? We will tell you a secret: secretly, healthy food is not that complicated either. By using your common sense, you really have come a long way.

In short: the less your food is processed, the better it usually is. More vegetables are always better, and whole grain is also a healthy choice. It is wise to eat as much vegetable as possible, with animal products as a supplement for proteins and certain vitamins and minerals . If you keep those rules of thumb in mind, you will be well soon.

2. Avoid empty calories for weekly weight loss plan

Products that you have to avoid are empty calories . In other words: products that do provide energy, but actually no useful substances. If your caloric intake is already limited, you simply do not have room for it. That means you can best avoid the following categories:

Unhealthy fats – Think fast food, fatty products such as pastries and puff pastry , chips and processed baking fats. It is best to eat red meat and other sources of saturated fat.
Added sugars – The most important reason for eating unprocessed: sugar is everywhere. Not only in sweets, but also in sauces, soups, ‘healthy’ meal replacements and granola bars , salty snacks … Read good labels!
White carbohydrates – White bread ? White pasta ? White wraps ? Pastries, cookies, pizza bases, croissants, puff pastry, cereal ? Everything with non-whole grain cereals falls into this category. Delete or replace with wholegrain!
Alcohol – Drink is perhaps worse than empty: it does not only mean nothing, but also causes problems. Alcohol worsens your digestion and the general functioning of your body. Look out a bit, so!

Weight loss meal plans for men & women – quick weight loss program review

Composing a diet plan can go fairly quickly, especially if you already have some experience with it. Do you have no idea where to start? Then maybe we can help you! Via our calorie requirement calculator you can request a free customized diet plan . With that you can be sure that your sport diet is in order! Read out 3 Week Diet Plan review for more details.


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