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3 Week Diet Review

If you are thinking that I am also among those affiliate ones trying to sell any product with catchy headlines, then you are wrong. I am here to help you out in your search for easy, effective, affordable and structured weight loss goal. Today I am going to review one of the most talked about weight loss program by Brian Flatt, 3 Week Diet program. This 3 Week Diet Review of mine is entirely genuine and unbiased.

In this review of the weight loss program, you will get all the answers to the question related to the 3 Week Diet program. Here we are going to investigate whether this program is similarly effective as marketed or it is just a scam and marketing hype. We will find out everything about the product such as what it is, how it works, what are the features, what are the pros and cons, customer reviews, faqs, and my final verdict. So let’s get started.

What is the 3 Week Diet?

3 week diet review

3 Week Diet program is claimed to be the best program for weight loss that helps you shed 12-23 pounds in a matter of 3 weeks. The program is a creation of a nutritionist and personal trainer, Brian Flatt who claims that this program helps to lose weight in 3 weeks and works for both male and female of all age. He further argues that the 3 Week Diet is the fastest weight loss diet program available in the market today.

The price for the program is $47, and you can start with it just by downloading it from the official website. The program includes regular weight loss through a specific diet plan and low-intensity exercises. The foods labeled in the program for a dieting plan are easily available in your nearby supermarket. In the first look, the program seems to be a powerful dieting program and the claims made by creator look genuine. The program also offers 60 days money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the results.

Is There Any Science Behind 3 Week Diet?

science behind 3 week diet

The authors claim a lot about his program that it gives you fastest and prominent results by shedding 12-23 pounds in just 21 days, but unfortunately, he hasn’t shown any solid scientific reasons behind his programs efficiency. This might disappoint most of us who always find clinical research that can support the program’s claim.

Does 3 Week Diet Work?

does 3 week diet work

Most people reported that this program has worked for them efficiently while some said that they are standing at the same place from where they started. But the amazing thing is that the numbers of positive reviews are ten times greater than negative reviews. The reason behind the negative results might be due to variation in the efforts invested. No matter whichever program you choose, if you want results two things are most importantly required.

First, you should follow all the steps and recommendations suggested in the program. Secondly, you are required to keep yourself focused and put extra efforts. According to Brian, 3 Week Diet works by cutting off extra fatty and carb foods from your daily diet and adding better nutritional, healthy and tasty foods that enhance your metabolic process. For those who don’t know about the metabolic process, this process is important to burn excess fat from your body.

For Whom 3 Week Diet Is Best?

  • If you are in desire of getting quick and safe weight loss
  • Those you can put on your efforts and focus on your weight loss goal
  • If you are ready dropdown your carb eating

Who Should Avoid 3 Week Diet?

  • If you are going to any medical diet
  • If you are suffering from any serious health conditions
  • This program is not for vegetarians unless you are ok with eggs.

What’s Is In 3 Week Diet?

whats inside 3 week diet

This weight loss diet program includes 4 manuals such as:

Introduction Manual – This manual gives you a complete introduction to your weight loss goal. You get to know what causes the development of fat and what the science behind the effectiveness of the program is. It let you know what to do and what to avoid while dieting along with recommended supplements for quick weight loss.

Diet Plan Manual – This diet manual guides you in your BMR calculation and according to that planning your diet model. You get the complete list of foods you need to eat according to your weight loss goal along with tips to lose weight fast and efficiently.

Workout Manual – This manual gives you step by step instruction on how to perform fat burning workouts along with illustrated diagrams and pictures.

Mindset and Motivation Manual – This manual provides you some personal success stories, interviews, and articles to keep you motivated and focused on your weight loss goal.

What To Expect & Will It Burn Stubborn Fat?

what to expect from 3 week diet

According to the author of 3 Week Diet, along with losing weight and shedding pounds, you can also experience some other benefits such as losing fat from stubborn area, a decrease in cellulite, improved energy level, equal cholesterol level, toned muscles, improved metabolic process, and healthy skin.

This program uses five specific techniques to attack those stubborn fats in the body. These techniques include reducing stubborn fat by lowering calories, lowering carb intake, intermittent fasting, strategic supplementation, and exercise.

What Are Users Saying About 3 Week Diet?

3 week diet testimonials

3 Week Diet Before After Pictures

3 weeks diet before after

3 Week Diet Pros

3 week diet pros n cons

  • The best part of this program is that you can perform every exercise in your home in privacy and there is no need to investing in gym and fitness centers to perform these exercises.
  • The program manuals are very illustrated and easy to understand. The words used are simple, and therefore you can read and merely implement it.
  • Differ from other long and time taking weight loss program, it is easy to go through, and you complete the program in just 21 days with useful results.
  • Another good thing about this program is that it is a complete weight loss system. Unlike some other weight loss programs that give you either dieting modules or exercise module, this program is an entire system of both diet and exercise.
  • The scientific design of dieting and exercising modules makes it different from others.
  • Being a short run weight loss program, it does take whole your life give results.
  • Customer testimonials prove that the system works in succeeding your weight loss goals.
  • The program comes with 60 days money back guarantee that assures that you get your money refunded if results not delivered.

3 Week Diet Cons

  • The major drawback of this program is that it does not have any video illustration to exercise. If you face problem in replicating with pictures than it is going to be very difficult for you.
  • Raising hunger is another major problem with this program. If you cannot focus on the program, then it is apparent that you get hungry very quickly and low on energy.
  • The program suggests you buy extra supplements that are recommended in the program to get quick and better results.
  • The program also asks you to invest extra in buying workout equipment to perform exercises. If you are already available with that equipment than there is no problem with you but if not then it is going to affect your budget.

Common FAQ To 3 Week Diet

3 week diet faq

Q: Will this system work for me?

A: To be very frank, if you follow this program as recommended it will surely work for you. But if you lack focus and effort, then I am not sure that you will get positive results. That’s why it is among the 10 best diet plans in the market.

Q: I cannot devote enough time, will it work with me?

A: Of course, the exercises in this program require only 20 minutes a day from your busy schedule, and I think it is very little time when it comes to your health.

Q: How many pounds will I lose?

A: Author claims that if you perform it systematically and adequately, then it is sure that you will lose about 12-23 pounds in just 21 days. If your goal is more than that, then it is advised to continue it as long as you can.

Q: I am a vegan, will it work for me?

A: Actually if you are a pure vegetarian than this program is not for you. But if you are comfortable with eggs, then you will undoubtedly get benefited with it because detox section of this program includes eggs in dieting chart.

Q: Will I be able to perform workouts if I am unfit?

A: Remember this is not a bodybuilding program; instead it is a weight loss program, and the exercises involved are of low intensity. Therefore, you can perform it easily even if you are unfit.

Q: Will I need to buy equipment for this program?

A: Yes, actually it is a drawback for this program, and you need to invest some amount in purchasing weights to perform exercises.

Q: What to do after three weeks of the program?

A: 3 weeks program doesn’t mean that you are over with it after 21 days; instead it is a program that aims to shed about 23 pounds in 3 weeks. Therefore, you can continue it after three weeks for more impressive results.

Q: What if I don’t achieve my goal in 3 weeks?

A: Look everyone has their own weight loss goal. People less overweighted require just to shed 10-15 pounds while those who are highly overweight, need shedding about 50-60 pounds. The program has an intention of dropping 20 pounds in 3 weeks but if your goal is more than that you can continue with it until you reach your goal.

Q: Can I follow this program if I am pregnant?

A: Wisely saying No, you need to wait till you deliver your baby because some foods and exercises may harm your pregnancy.

Q: I don’t want to do exercise, will it still work?

A: Look, exercises are an essential part of any weight loss program. You cannot lose weight relying only on dieting. Exercises support your dieting and help boost your metabolism and burn fat. Therefore it is essential to make a connection with diet and exercise.

Q: What if I am not satisfied?

A: Author gives you 60 days money back guarantee on his program; therefore if you are not satisfied with the results then you can claim back your money without any restriction.

My Final Verdict

After a long 3 Week Diet Review, I found this program an effective weight loss system. The author is not so popular in the fitness industry, and also there is no scientific acclaim for this program. Still, the customer reviews and testimonials are enough to increase the credibility of the program. In my word, I will surely advise you to try 3 Week Diet once. For more details on weight loss solutions, visit our homepage.

Mary Smith

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