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Old School New Body

Are you over with all ways possible to lose weight? Have you done everything advised to shed a pound and still found yourself standing in the same position where you started from then you must try diet and training program by Becky and Steve Holman? Here in this Old School New Body Reviews, I am going to answer all your questions related to this diet and fitness program.

Losing weight has never been an easy task to accomplish and that too after reaching middle age. Many people have succeeded in their weight loss goal, but still, the majority of people failed to reach the benchmark even after lots of hard work. Do you know why? Because of their dieting mistakes. Either they haven’t performed it wisely, or they didn’t focus on the schedule. To lose weight fast and elegantly you need professional guidance and as per most Old School New Body reviews, it is claimed to be that professional guide in your weight loss journey.

What Is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body review

Old School New Body is a professional fitness and diet program that is designed keeping in mind especially people above 40. It gets tough to lose weight after your middle age, and therefore the creators, Becky, and Steve Holman have crafted it for those middle age people to lose weight fast and safe. It’s good to lose weight fast but the most important thing is to lose weight safely, and Old School New Body is known to perform on both criteria. The core feature of Old School New Body diet and workout plan is known as the F4X workout system.

What is F4X workout system?

Old School New Body F4X

The abbreviation for F4X is Focus 4 Exercise, and 4 mean four core exercises that are proved to be useful for weight loss. These four exercises are Squats, Upright rows, Bent Over Rows and Incline press.

The main layout of the F4X fitness system is to focus on specific fitness and weight loss goal through three different workout models. All these three models include the combination of those four exercises with different reps and conditions.

It depends on you that which workout plan you opt to follow but it should not take more than an hour to perform with minimum time to be taken is about half an hour.

3 Different F4X Workouts

F4X LEAN – This is a startup workout plan focusing on beginners who have never entered the gym. This workout consists of 4 effective weight loss exercises that are to be performed three times a week with time-consuming not more than 30 minutes

F4X SHAPE – This program is next to F4X LEAN when your body gets compatible with a workout with raised intensity. This workout you need to perform four core exercises for three weeks a day with donating 45 minutes per day.

F4X BUILD – This workout is the third and the last workout program. Till now your body is huge in intensity, and you are now up to building your muscles like a bodybuilder. You will need to perform 3 hardcore exercises for 4 days a week with about 1 hour a day.

Who are the creators?

Old School New Body creators

The mind behind this powerful weight loss program is husband and wife named Steve Holman and Becky Holman. Steve and Becky both are professional weight loss trainers and fitness authors. Steve has an experience of 35 years as a professional weight loss trainer and has authored more than 20 books. Along with this, he has been actively writing articles on weight loss training and fitness for various health and fitness websites and forums. His wife Becky is also a professional trainer with an experience of 20 years. She was fed up with her overweight body that ignited her to shed it down. Her personal story is available in this program. She is a regular contributor to Iron Man magazine.

What Are The Features Of The Program?

Old School New Body features

  • The combination of husband and wife gives you step by step guide to lose weight along with building muscles and toning up your body.
  • The program guides your dieting with a clear vision that cutting fat from your diet will not help you lose weight. But maintaining a balanced carb diet will help you manage your metabolism.
  • The program helps you boost the testosterone level through its expert nutritional guide and support your lower cholesterol consumption.
  • It gives you guidance on the importance of keeping your body hydrated for effective weight loss.
  • The program is the combination of core weight loss exercises that in support of diet gives you quick and safe weight loss results.
  • Another hardcore workout schedule helps you tone your body and build up muscles.

Benefits of Old School New Body

Old School New Body benefits

The program is consist of years of professional experience that gives you complete step by step guidance on weight loss, fitness and muscle building.

Clarity – The exercises and dieting modules are very clear and easy to understand and follow. It is in easy language with a simple demonstration that lowers the risk of injury and easy to focus.

Versatility – Although the program is designed keeping in focus with older and middle age people, it equally beneficial for younger age people. Differ from various other weight loss programs that focus on either men or women; both men and women can follow Old School New Body.

Affordable – People spend hundreds of thousands of dollar on the gym, fitness centers, and dieting professionals, Old School New Body is very cheaper to those expensive options. The system and modules included in this program are priced comparatively very low to other similar weight loss and fitness programs. Unlike many other programs, you don’t need to invest extra in purchasing equipment and supplements.

What’s Inside Old School New Body?

whats inside Old School New Body

Old School New Body eBook – It is the main book and the fundamental of this program. It gives a brief illustration of the F4X workout program along with the features and benefits of these workouts. This book consists of motivational information to build up your mindset and get prepared for the program with full enthusiasm and intensity.

Quick Start Guide – With this guide, your weight loss journey starts actually. This is a 15-page start-up guide to illustrate how to perform all the exercises and detailed guide on dieting to support your workout for quick weight loss. Along with the main eBook and quick start-up guide, you also get special reports such as,

  • Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets Special Report
  • The Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets Special Report
  • Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets Special Report
  • The Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets Special Report

Also, you get audio interviews with fitness experts that help you sort out all your queries and problems instantly. Expert interviews include,

  • Kristi Frank interview
  • Tom Venuto interview
  • Tom Platz interview
  • Bill Phillips interview
  • Shawn Phillips interview
  • Jennifer Nicole Lee interview

Bonuses You Get With The Program

Other than the main program you also get 5 bonuses for additional support. These bonuses include,

  • The Old School New Body Workout Guide – F4X Quick Start
  • Old School New Body Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets Special
  • The Old School New Body Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets Special Report
  • Old School New Body Ultimate Sex And Anti-Aging Special Report
  • The Old School New Body Ultimate Health And Happiness Special Report

Old School New Body pros and cons

Pros of Old School New Body

  • Designed especially for an individual over than 40 with factors considering slow metabolism, joint aches and etc.
  • Short workouts, therefore, doesn’t take much time
  • Perfect combination of exercise and diet
  • Effective for both males and females
  • Can be used by both experienced and beginners
  • Positive Old School New Body user reviews
  • The program doesn’t require any supplements, extreme dieting, long cardio sessions and starving protocols
  • Offers a variety of bonuses such as articles, reports, tips and tricks for quick weight loss
  • Program gives you 60 days money back guarantee

Cons of the Old School New Body

  • It is not a magical program, therefore, you need to put efforts in dieting and exercise
  • The product is only available online
  • Though program claims not to restrict your regular eating but it does interfere a little with your lifestyle

My Final Verdict

While writing this Old School New Body Review, one major thing that I found was that there are not reported negative claims to this product. The creators of this program are also well renowned in the health industry and therefore creates a credibility to their program. Being a short workout program, it is best for those who find themselves unable to devote a lot of time in workout sessions. Dieting module is also less interfering with our daily carb eating and therefore it gets interesting to lose weight without quitting our favorite foods. Overall in my Old School New Body reviews, I found it a worthy program to follow. Therefore if you are planning to bu Old School New Body pdf, make yourself clear that you don’t find any old school new body negative reviews or complaints. For more details on top weight loss solutions, visit our homepage.

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