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Eat Stop Eat Review – Perfect Intermittent Fasting Program


Are you looking forward to losing weight? Everyone wants to be as light as possible. I mean no one wishes to overweight. And of course, you need a good and simple weight loss method. Well, in this post, we will review the eat stop eat weight cutting protocol. Eat stop eat is one of the simplest but effective methods of losing weight. Even form its name “eat.stop.eat” it sounds easier to use. Let me tell you something I have lately learned from these weight trimming methods and techniques.

The simplest methodologies happen to be the best and furthermore most effective of all. For instance, many have been advised to use supplements and heavy workouts to lose weight. Well, I don’t degrade that but in most cases, some of these supplements never work. And besides, you don’t have to do heavy workouts to lose weight. You can do simple methods like eat.stop.eat and still have your shape back in no time.  Our extensive research on the eat stop eat program bore us a lot as outlined below.

What is Eat Stop Eat?

eat stop eat review

Eat stop eat is a program that was purposely designed for weight loss. Or rather, I would say it’s a protocol whose prime purpose is to guide those who wish to lose weight effortlessly and without a lot of complications involved. The eat stop eat program is intended to run for at least 2 weeks within which you are supposed to gain positive results.

The program involves fasting and a healthy nutritional plan. Have you ever fasted before? Well, when I was in college, is used to hear about fasting and I perceived it as a very challenging exercise to undertake. But then, I recently realized that it’s all about mindset and determination. Once you employ that, things will run along very easily. As long as you know what you want to achieve at the end of the day, you will find things very simple and friendly.

Just to mention, unlike many other weight loss programs out there, eat stop eat program does deprive you of anything. The program focuses more on the time you will have your meals. In other words, when I say that fasting is involved, I refer to the intermediate kind of fasting. With intermediate fasting, you are not restricted from eating any kind of meal. Many perceive fasting as omitting meals for up to t day or even more. Mark you that skipping one out or four normal meals are still fasting. So you can now see there is nothing difficult in this.

Besides, Eat stop eat is a program that can be accessed through digital means. For instance, you can simply download the Eat Stop Eat pdf from the internet directly to your smartphone.

Who created the Eat Stop Eat Program?


The Eat Stop Eat originated and starts working in Canada. It was invented by a man called Brad Pilon who happens to be a Sportsman and a nutrition adviser. Brad started the eat stop eat program the very year he graduated from the university. (University of Guelph) in Ontario Canada.

From his childhood, the guy has always had an interest in matters that concerns nutrition. Fitness as well as bodybuilding. Pilon once started selling bodybuilding supplements when he was barely 16 years old. This shows how passionate the guy was with things to do with bodybuilding and fitness.

To back up his passion, Pilon was later on admitted at the university to pursue a degree course in Applied Human Nutrition. When he graduated, He got his first job and worked as a research analyst, a job that allowed him to tour around the globe and interacted with a lot of people and researchers in this niche. He once met a bodybuilder and a famous Hollywood actor called Arnold Schwarzenegger. His history clearly shows how much experienced and intelligent the guy was.

When he felt that his experience in the field of Human Nutrition, Brad thought it wise to share the knowledge he acquired so far with the rest of the world and that’s when he wrote his Eat Stop Eat book with 212 pages in total. Not so much complex anyway. He didn’t know that one day and in this particular regime that his book would be used by millions of people in gyms and all those in bodybuilding and weight loss sessions.

He says the prime goal of writing this book was to help people to lose weight easily and within a short period. He further explains that cutting weight is not all about heavy weight lifting.

Eat Stop Eat Claims


Brad Pilon, the author, and creator of the Eat Stop Eat program puts it clear that depriving yourself of eating some meals is not what trims down your overweight rather, when and how you take the meals matters quite a lot.

It’s also true that some of the weight cutting supplements work, but still, others do not work at all. Again you do not need to use supplements to lose weight. Al you need is to observe how and when you take your meal. With this, the utmost discipline should be observed. Furthermore, it may take a very long time for your bodywork along with the supplements and this makes the whole process tedious.

How do you use the Eat Stop Eat?

As I mentioned earlier in this review, Eat Stop Eat involves intermediate fasting. And so to have the best results at the end of the day, you need to fast for at least 24 hours twice or even once a week. However, you can just enjoy eating your favorite meals in between the fasting period but it shouldn’t be normal eating. If you must eat, then let it be a little meal.

When the feeding time comes, do not eat too much of it too. Make sure you only eat according to the degree of your hunger. Make sure you capture the Eat Stop Eat program well and understand the guidelines for the diet program.

Also, body exercise should not be ignored. It’s recommended that you undertake some light and friendly body exercises to facilitate metabolism. And for better and satisfying results, you also refrain from eating calories. These encourage the accumulation of excess fats in your hence increasing your body weight.

How Eat Stop Eat works

Some people still believe that going through intermediate fasting is self-torture. These I call them lazy and undetermined people. On the other hand, the program has worked very perfectly for those who accepted and followed the program’s instructions.

I know many are wondering how intermediate fasting helps lose weight. It’s very simple and straightforward. When you fail to eat, your body has nothing to feed on. So as a result, your body goes for the excess fats in your body for energy.  During this period of fasting, your metabolism process is maximized. Mark that, the less food you consume, the more accelerates your metabolism process.

What to eat and what not to eat when you are on Eat Stop Eat Program

Well, as I said earlier, this program does not deprive you of any meal except for meals with calories. And even at the, you are only advised not to eat or drink foods and drinks with calories only during your fasting period.

Again you should not eat too much even after your fasting period.

What are the benefits of using the Eat Stop Eat program?

eat stop eat benefits

People who adhere to the instruction of this amazing program are left with smiles on their faces. The Eat Stop Eat protocol is the best for the following reason.

  1. Promotes increased metabolism
  2. The intermediate fasting helps detoxify your body system
  3. Muscle build-up
  4. Effortless but rapid weight loss

And lastly, The Eat Stop Eat program has been said to have reduced the insulin levels in some victims.

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