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Location, Not Volume, Of Fat Found To Be Key

As per the new research conducted at Wake Forest University by Richard Craver and his team, the most important thing is the location of excess fat in the body than the quantity of fat. Under the research, 398 residents of Forsyth County aged between 47 to 86 were monitored. CT scans and cardiac scans were used to measure the fat deposition in the various parts of the participants.

In the initial results, it was found that the amount of fat deposited between muscles and around the organs has the direct relationship with the amount of calcified and hard plaque. The researchers reported that only calcified plaque is not actually risky but it can lead to boosting atherosclerosis development or fat deposit in blood vessels that can lead to stroke or heart attack.

According to the researchers, the obesity epidemic is the major factor that can initiate cardiovascular diseases, metabolic abnormalities, and various others. Gaining too much weight in the midsection can lead to Type 2 diabetes, heart problems and even in some cases it could lead to some sort of cancers in both male and female. Also, some excess weight condition is due to genetic in which men may develop weight in their middle section while women may develop in their legs and buttocks.



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